Dear friends, collectors and investors,
We bring you the sad news that on November 30, 2021, in a fire in a secured warehouse where our “stock” was also located, the vast majority of the artwork from Gottfried Murbach burned down.
Of all the existing works of art, we are left with a few hundred pieces that have fortunately been exhibited in various galleries and auction houses.
Fortunately, we had the most important works of art, for which we have all the copyrights, well photographed and listed, so we are preparing a "resurrection" of these works of art in the form of digital NFT (non-fungible token) ART.
As you already know, “non-fungible” more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else.

Food for Life Global

One of our greatest achievements is partnership with Food for Life Global the world’s largest food relief network, with 210 projects in 60 countries providing up to 2 million meals daily to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Food for Life Global’s primary mission is: to bring about peace and prosperity in the world through the liberal distribution of pure plant-based meals prepared with loving intention.

In its purest form, food has the innate ability to break down barriers and heal body, mind, and soul. Food for Life Global affiliates, therefore, serve only the purest of food—food that is devoid of animal suffering, prepared with love and served with love. Furthermore, recognizing that the ultimate solution to the problem of hunger is the elimination of poverty, Food for Life not only provides direct food distribution services, but also addresses, through its affiliate programs, such diverse but related issues as education, environmental health and sustainability, animal welfare, and health care.

Food for Life Global’s mission flows from its core values of charity and respect for all living things; its services, therefore, are provided without regard to race, creed, colour, religion, sex, community, or nationality.

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